What will your financial services career legacy be?

How will you stand out in a crowded marketplace?

How will you ensure consistent growth and profitability?


Confidently articulating your “why”, and holding yourself accountable to a proven new business development strategy are critical to your success as a financial services professional. Is it time to become a better steward of your time and talent?

Senior Profit & Productivity Consultant Tareaz Pegues is a staunch believer in the power of the right mindset. Her virtual Growth and Engagement Master Class guides participants on journey of self-discovery to identify behaviors, attitudes and perceptions that limit enterprise-wide growth and sustainability.


Master class participants hone processes to:

Articulate their “why”.


Brand their practice.

Align activities and goals.

Grow their pipeline.

Gather more assets.


Level up (MDRT & council).


Build strategic relationships.

Generate high-value referrals.


Lead results-driven conversations.

Scale their practice.

People. Purpose. Processes.

When they’re in sync,
businesses soar.

“Everyone has a purpose that gives their life meaning. Mine is helping others become better stewards of their talent and time.”

Tareaz Pegues

“The master class session about qualifying for a higher [recognition] level is motivating and informative. I’m running with it!”

Maureen Goulbourne
Premier President’s Council Agent
Summer 2018 Master Class Participant

Be a better steward of your talent and time.