Advisor Marketing Partner℠

How Next-Gens Choose a Financial Professional

Financial education, digital engagement and brand presence are key to attracting Gen-Xers, millennials and Gen Zs.

After researching how next-gens choose a financial professional, Tareaz created Advisor Marketing Partner℠, a library of educational 30-second videos, social media posts, and marketing material that is approved* for agent/advisor licensing and DBA branding.

Tareaz’s research is also the topic of her newest presentation, Engaging in a Digitally Driven Environment, which is full of actionable take-aways for financial professionals who want more next-gens.

Advisor Marketing Partner℠ Financial Topics

  • Divorce
  • Social Security
  • Estate Planning
  • Sound Investing
  • College Funding
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Succession
  • Protecting Human Capital with Life Insurance

Educational Videos + Posts + Flyers

Each Advisor Marketing Partner℠ financial topic is explored in a 30-second video, 3 social posts and a flyer. The videos and flyers are effective appointment reminders and cross-selling tools.

Compliance Approved*

Agent/Advisor Customization

DBA Branding

People. Purpose. Processes.

When they’re in sync,
businesses soar.

“Everyone has a purpose that gives their life meaning. Mine is helping others become better stewards of their talent and time.”

Tareaz Pegues

*Select companies
Advisor Marketing Partner℠ is a service mark of Pegues Branding Group, LLC dba Tareaz Pegues. All Rights Reserved.

“Developing [communications] for a Fortune 100 company is not an easy task for vendors. However, Tareaz innovates and shares her creativity while staying within corporate guidelines.”

Corporate Vice President
LGBT and Women’s Markets
Fortune 100 Insurance Firm

Create a diverse and inclusive culture of success.