You face many challenges as an insurance and financial services professional:

  • Intangibles are a tougher sell.
  • Underwriting is long and complicated.
  • Competition is fierce.

But 15 years of coaching and consulting in the industry has taught me that passion and emotion trump logic when it comes to client decision-making. Forge an authentic, emotional connection with your clients. And show them that you matter beyond the products and services you sell.

Create a culture of service.

Your customer experience must reflect your principles and philosophy. Prospects, clients and centers of influence will disregard efforts that are contrived, forced or inconsistent.

Consider what your clients have valued most about your customer experience. If you’re not sure, contact your top 10 clients and ask them. Once you can articulate what makes your client experience special, don’t keep it a secret.

Share it with your staff, office receptionist, referral partners and everyone who comes into contact with your clients. Get their buy in. And begin creating a culture of stellar customer service that will define your practice.

Simplify the complex.

  • Let clients know exactly what to expect during underwriting and/or an account transfer.
  • Schedule phone interviews, exams and labs for your clients.
  • Anticipate and address client concerns about the handling of confidential medical and/or financial information.

 Show compassion.

As the season of charity functions, back-to-school fundraisers and ballet recitals commences, support causes that your clients care about.

  • Volunteer at a function that your client is hosting or organizing.
  • Run a small ad in the souvenir journal, honoring the charity or congratulating your client’s child for his or her performance.
  • Create community by referring your clients to each.

 Remember what others won’t.

The Greeting Card Association estimates that Americans purchase 6.5 billion greeting cards each year, birthdays being the most popular occasion. Acknowledge events and observation days that are not widely recognized, but important to your clients, nonetheless. A few to consider are:

  • A pet’s birthday
  • The anniversary of a loved one’s death
  • A deceased relative’s birthday
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October
  • Child Health Day – October 3rd
  • Emergency Nurses Week – October 9-15
  • Make a Difference Day – October 22nd
  • Veteran’s Day – November 11th